Frequently Asked Questions

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Listed below you will find some frequently asked questions that you probably will not find in any of the general literature about Hedonism. This is not an all-inclusive list, but we tried to include the questions we have found from our own experiences and questions that people may have in the back of their mind but did not want to ask. Answers to many questions which you do not find here, will probably be found on other pages of this web site.

Is the entire resort nude?

No, there are really two beach sections, nude and clothing optional (also known as "prude"). Nude means NUDE. People feel uncomfortable on the nude side when people stay clothed. Clothing must be worn in all the public areas such as restaurants, Piano Bar, Gift Shop, Disco etc., or at least the "strategic" body parts must be covered.

Will I be too old (or young) for the rest of the crowd at Hedonism?

You will be if you let it concern you. For the most part, age means very little to anyone. People care about what kind of person you are, not what your age might be. Generally ages run from 20's to 70's and everything in between. Our group tends to "average" in the mid 40's but that is really immaterial. You'll find a young 20-something couple having drinks and great conversation around the nude pool bar with folks twice or more than their age and everyone having fun. Your personality forges people's opinions of you.

I don't have a perfect body. Will I feel out of place among all the beautiful nude bodies there?

Just like the age question, it will only be that way if YOU let it be so. First of all, you'll see very few perfect bodies at Hedonism. The next time you walk through a Mall, take note of all the people you'll see there, and that's the same cross section of people you'll see at the nude pool bar at Hedonism. Everyone has those feelings of inadequacy though. You may feel like you're too heavy, too light, too small, too big and everything in between, but you'll soon discover that no one really cares. Just as mentioned above, people care about "who" you are and not "what you look like". That's not to say that people don't notice someone who shows up with a "body beautiful", because they do. But when it comes to personal interaction of any kind, it falls back on personality.

Can you walk naked from the prude side to the nude side?

Yes, as long as you walk along the beach and don't detour into any of the restaurants, etc. Many people wear a beach cover-up or a towel for comfort.

Is everyone at the Resort a Swinger?

No, you will find a diverse group of people at Hedonism. Some are in the swinging lifestyle and some aren't. During lifestyles takeover weeks, there will be more swingers there than normally, but if you are not interested in that type of activity, a simple "No Thank You" is always respected.

Is it better to go with a group rather than as individuals?

Yes, with a Group you have a good idea of the kind of people you will be with. JWST holds weekly chat sessions and has a message board, so you get to know others before getting there. The group also holds some members-only activities that differ from regular resort activities.

How do you dress for the dining room?

Clothing must be worn in all the public areas. Breakfast usually consists of swimsuits, shorts, tee shirts, etc. Lunch is the same as breakfast. Dinner usually includes women in very sexy attire and men in nice shorts and shirts. Some will wear costumes if they wish for the various theme nights. Rule for dress in the Disco (and some of the theme nights) : "If you can wear it to the Mall back home and get arrested………'s too conservative for Hedonism".

Do you have to participate in theme nights?

No, you can do as much or as little as you care to do. If you are with a group, you'll find much greater participation for theme nights. Although some people dress in costumes for dinner, others change into costumes after dinner for the evening's festivities. There will be shows on the Main Stage, entertainment in the Piano bar and dancing in the Disco.

Will single men hit on my wife/girlfriend?

Hedonism II does have a reputation for being a little wild and is a very sexually charged atmosphere at times. If you find that a person is interested in you and you are not interested in them, then simply say "No", or "I am sorry we are not in the lifestyle".


Is sex allowed at the pool or on the beach?

No, all forms of sexual activity are prohibited in public areas.

How many different kinds of beer are offered on the bars?

Red Stripe, the Jamaican beer, is the only beer offered. Most of the bars do have a full range of liquors available including many "top shelf" brands. They also serve excellent Chilean wines, all of which are included in your Room Rate.  All nice selection of high end wines and champagnes are available from the Wine Bar for an additional charge

Do the rooms have coffee pots?

All of the rooms have coffee pots and are stocked with both caffeinated and Decaf Jamaican coffees. Refrigerators can be provided on request for a small fee. Soaps and shampoos are also provided in liquid form and the rooms are serviced every day. Each room has an iron and ironing board as well as a hair dryer and a personal safe for your valuables. iPads and netbooks fit in the safe easily.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in any of the Guest Rooms, restaurants or the Piano Bar and Disco or any area under a roof. It is allowed in the outdoor bars. Like anywhere else, a little common courtesy extended toward non-smokers goes a long way.

Is photography allowed?

Photography is allowed in the prude areas and the restaurants/bars. It is absolutely NOT allowed on the nude side. Be careful of including people you don't know in any of your photographs as they may not want their pictures taken. Some of the stage shows also do not allow photography. When in doubt, be sure to ask.


Is tipping allowed?

No, tipping is NOT allowed.  Part of your Room Rate goes toward a gratuity pool which is distributed to the staff.


Is there Internet service?

Internet and WiFi Service are available and free thoughout the Resort.  High speed may be purchased at an additional cost.

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