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                                          TOP TEN REASONS TO VISIT HEDONISM II

                                           1. A get-away like no other in the world.
                                           2. No kids, in-laws or nosey neighbors.
                                           3. You're free to be your true self.
                                           4. Clothing is optional.
                                           5. Meet the most interesting people in the world.
                                           6. Fantastic staff, proven by over 50% repeat guests.
                                           7. Unique themed nights, events and weeks.
                                           8. Super-inclusive; over-induldge without your wallet.
                                           9. 22 lush acres on Negril's world famous 7 mile beach.
                                         10. Once you've been to Hedonism, you'll never be the same again.

The following testimonials are unsolicited comments from folks who enjoyed the JWST hospitality over the years at Hedonism on our annual September trip.

Team, I truly enjoyed my few days at Hedo with the JWST. It was great meeting you all and thanks for coordinating it all. See you next year for a whole week this time! I realize I was with the JWST for a few days but only have kudos and praise for the organization and fun activities.
30's Single Male – Florida

I must say that this was the best vacation we have ever been on. Everyone in the group was unbelievably kind and fun. I felt like we were with long time friends! Thank you. You have a great group and we are honored to be apart of it! We already miss Jamaica!
30's couple, Massachusetts

In all that Hedo offers....nothing is better than the friendship we have with you great folks. Thanks for a wonderful time!
40's Couple, Florida

Many thanks to the JWST for a great week of vacation. We made it home safe and sound last night. We're looking forward to many more JWST vacations.
50's Couple, Texas

Oh Boy !!!! Of course we miss Jamaica but most of all we miss all our new friends! Can't wait to share pictures and talk to everyone. We have never met so many FANTASTIC people! And a special thank you for letting us join the JWST group! We're already counting down the days till next September. Thank you all for making this the best vacation we EVER had!!!
40's Couple, New York

Many thanks to you all!!!!!!!!!! We made it back to PA at midnight Sunday/Monday. God love you for all your work in this fine group. To our wedding attendants, All our love for your help in a wonderful day. To the whole team THANK YOU for the fine friends we have found in life. Bless you all for a fun time.
40's Newlywed Couple, Pennsylvania

We got home late Saturday night, and we were on the Hedo website Sunday morning trying to get prices for next September! Needless to say we had a great time and are looking forward to next year! Thanks for all the fun!
50's Couple, Ohio

We had a great time. As far as the events, I think they were very well coordinated, not too much, Juuuust right! The mesh and glow theme night is an absolute keeper. Overall I think this was a wonderful, and entertaining week. Thanks”
40's Couple, South Carolina

I just got in the door! What a fabulous JWST Week! I stayed a few days after the group left and it was different and a little quiet without you all around. It was great meeting everyone, both new and old faces! I honestly do not know how we can beat this year...but then again...we always say that. Hedo Hugs to all.
40's Single Woman, Canada

I just got back to Iraq today. While it will still be 2 or 3 more days till I get back to where I am supposed to be and back to work, it really just blows my mind how much fun I had with you all. Thank you all for the best vacation ever. I am already planning out how to make sure I will be there next year.”
20's Single Male, US Army Soldier, Iraq

We enjoyed our trip immensely and miss everyone already. A Huge THANK YOU to everyone in the group for being so nice and for the fun times!”
30's Couple, Massachusetts

And the following from an anonymous couple

...Second star on the right and straight on 'til morning... and there you are... in Never Never Land. A place of eternal youth. A place where the lost boys and girls play without a care in the world. A place without ranks, social status, political or race issues, moral or ethical impositions. The conversation is kept light and self-esteem kept high. The friendly Pirates swim up on the Blue Taxi and offer to help you relax even more. There is no news. There are no clocks. You may even meet Peter Pan.

You sip your Dirty Banana from your big insulated mug while floating on a raft with somebody else's name on it, and all is perfect. Sometimes you're floating alone. Sometimes with just your spouse. Sometimes with another couple. Or three other couples. Sometimes you end up in the hot tub. With another couple. Or three. Or in the shower. Or in the pool. Or in the disco. Or on stage. Somebody may spray you with a rum-filled watergun and someone else may lick the rum off you. You may go snorkeling, learn to play bocce ball, and go on the waterslide in a matter of hours. You may paint a rock and leave it for somebody else to find, or you may paint a friend and hope nobody finds the photos. You may join the "Men in Motion" contest, the 70's dance-off, or fake an
orgasm onstage. You do what you want. They're laughing WITH you, not AT you.

On your way home, your spouse may look into your eyes and barely even be able to convey how much he's in love with you. And you feel the same way. In this one week, you have collected so much emotion that you're bursting with renewed love for yourself, your relationship... for the world. And you're already planning your next outfit for PJ night.

In Never Never Land, you're young and carefree. You play and dance and never want to leave. Unfortunately, the pixie dust eventually runs out. Although you may leave, the experience will never leave you. You may be stuck in traffic, look over into the next car, and wonder if that well-tanned gentleman has any tan lines. Or you may be walking into your building at work, spot an otherwise conservative-looking lady wearing four inch spike heels and wonder if she's sat in that hot tub. You may be out to dinner with friends and they may ask you what it was about Jamaica that has put a glow on your face and a bounce in your step. You give your spouse a secret smile; "Must be something in the water."

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