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The Legend of Seymore
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It was a warm quiet afternoon at Hedonism III in Jamaica. There were lots of people lounging at the pool, engaged in quiet conversation, not much activity going on and everyone sipping champagne or fruit juice. No one was "nekkid" and very few people knew each other. There was no fun to be seen anywhere. The PA system was playing a Viennese Waltz. Even the sky was clouded over. In other words.................BORING!!
And then, from the tropical garden emerged a sight few of us had ever seen.......large green headed turtle with a big smile and a cold Red Stripe. He ambled over to poolside, looked around slowly, taking in all the details. He spotted a tall beautiful blonde woman standing by the bar and offered her a dazzling smile . Then, after taking stock of the entire situation, he began to speak and in a loud voice berated all of us for wasting a great vacation experience. He immediately ordered everyone to get loose and get rid of their swimsuits, with a cry of....

                               "LET'S PARTY!"
Of course we all were looking for a leader to help us out of our shells, and here he finally appeared. The music changed to Reggae, the sun shown brightly on our group, and without any further encouragement the fun began. We dropped our swimsuits, dumped the sissy drinks and got down to some serious partying. He even taught the women some great steps for the wet T-shirt contest and showed us some interesting things that could be done with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Finally, noticing how quiet an afternoon it still was on the prude side, he got us all organized for a naked trip down the waterslide. Of course on that run and all the rest that followed, he continued to lead the way.

And so, our good friend Turtle, has become our symbol of fun and the pursuit of a Hedonistic vacation experience. After that first trip, he retired to North Carolina to rest and recuperate, but also to come up with some great new ideas for the team. During his visit to the mountains, he communicated to the Team that he no longer was happy just being called "Turtle", and so after careful deliberations, the Team has named him "Seymore" in honor of his great contributions to our fun. Seymore made the long trip to join us on our next annual meeting, and was in great shape to lead our team to a new level. His calls of "WATERSLIDE!!!!" could be heard several times a day.
Seymore always tries to be the center of attraction for each trip. After a long year away from the JWST, Seymore jumps right into action and makes himself at home renewing old acquaintances with the group, as well as with the staff who love him dearly. In years past he has visited with JWST friends in Canada, England, North Carolina, Norway and who knows where else.

Now Seymore has faced a new challenge as we moved the gang over to Hedonism II in Negril. Wheel as ready for us though and we knew we could always count on him to keep the party going. We never know when he will show up or where he has been but we always know that we will hear him throughout the resort with his cry of: