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More Hints
This section is a collection of more ideas, tips and suggestions for first time visitors to Hedo II.

Don't Tip:
Super Clubs has a no tipping policy and you really don't have to tip to expect excellent service from the staff. In fact, if they are found accepting tips they can lose their job. Treat everyone there with respect and a smile and you'll be overwhelmed by outstanding service. Treat them as servants and it could be long time between drinks. Small gifts are appropriate for outstanding service and this could include simple things such as school supplies for children, personal care items, etc. Be sure to include a note of thanks so the management knows the item was a gift. If you leave the resort, tipping is expected for people such as tour operators or taxi and bus drivers.

Don't waste time:
Go to the nude pool or beach as soon after your arrival as you can, and jump right in. You'll find that is where the fun is and most of the people are to be found. Don't worry about how you'll look, because you'll see all ages, and shapes, and no one really cares about size, scars, etc. If you wait until you feel "comfortable" about being nude to try it, you might waste several days of fun. You'll feel nervous for about 15 minutes at the most. Regardless of whether you are strikingly beautiful/handsome, or "butt ugly", people only care about how you conduct yourself and whether you are a nice person or not. In Jamaica........it is all about respect.

Get involved:
You can get involved in as many activities as you choose or merely be an observer. Our experience has been that the more you get involved, the more fun you will have. It also is the only way to get "Hedo Bucks" prizes to trade in for Jamaican Rum. Remember that whatever happens at Hedo stays at Hedo, so you can try lots of new things and not worry about what your neighbors/ family/ friends think.

This is a funny topic for a "clothing optional" resort, but it is reality. Clothing is required in all of the restaurants and other "public" areas. It does not have to be formal, but "strategic" areas must be covered. Shirts must be worn in the restaurants. The Specialty restaurants (Munasan and Martino's)do have a dress code requiring(as a minimum)collared shirts and tailored shorts for men (no swimsuits). Be sure to check with Guest Services when you make your reservations to get a full explanation of the dress codes.

Theme night dress:
The only night that there is really a dress code is Toga night. No sheet...no eat...no Bull-Sheet. Other nights will depend on the group at the resort. Most people dress in nice(but sometimes erotic)resort wear for dinner and then return to their rooms to dress for the theme party later. The disco opens at 11:00 PM, so you have plenty of time. Some people will dress in costume for dinner. PJ Night requires sleepwear for entry into the Disco before 1:00 AM. (See our "Useful Info page for theme nights).

Bring essentials with you:
Review our list of "Things to Bring" and see what applies to you. Remember this is not your home town, and you can't run over to Wal-Mart if you forgot some item. The gift shop has some items if you do forget them, but the cost can be very HIGH.

Photos and cameras:
Be careful about photography. Most people do not want their pictures taken by someone they do not know. Cameras are not allowed on the nude side, but if you want to have some photos of the place and each other, visit the area early in the morning when no one is there, and security will usually let you snap away. If you leave your camera in your room with the air conditioning on, make sure you take it out of the room long before you plan to use it, as it will fog up the lens. This is not a good thing when you are having a wedding. If you see someone taking pictures where they should not be doing so, notify Security immediately and they will deal with the person.

Personal items:
Keep an eye on your personal belongings, such as a camera, and room key, as they can grow legs and walk away. You are at a resort, but it is just like anyplace that you go. WATCH YOUR VALUABLES!! Keep your passport, return tickets, credit cards, cash, and other important items locked in your room safe. Remember....better safe then sorry. The safes are controlled by a pass code entered by you rather than by a key. Be sure to remember your pass code as the resort will charge to open the safe if you forget it.

There are two pools at Hedonism II, "Prude" (clothing required)and "Nude" (nude MEANS nude) Where there is a sign saying "NO DIVING". believe it. It says it for a reason, and you do not want to shorten your vacation. The pools are shallow. The steps at the nude hot tub and pool itself can be very slippery. Be very careful getting in. Be careful on the underwater bar stools as the edges of the tile are sharp in some places.

Munasan and Martino's restaurants require that you make dinner reservations at the Guest Services desk. This service is available up to 24 hours in advance. (See our "Dining" page for details).

If you decide to take a tour, be sure to book it with the Tour Desk in the lobby. For local shopping in Negril or a trip to Margaritaville, you may just want to go on your own, so check with the Bellmen in the lobby for a taxi. Be sure to discuss the fee with the driver BEFORE you get into the vehicle. If you are downtown and need to get a taxi back to the resort, you can hail one in Negril easily, but be careful of "Gypsy" cabs that are unlicensed and unsanctioned. Before you get into a cab, be sure that it has a RED license plate and that it has a large square sticker on the windshield that is marked in bold letters with JTB which stands for Jamaican Tourist Board approved. These are actually licensed and approved by the Jamaican government. If you would like to arrange your own tours in advance of your trip, visit Rocky's Taxi and Tour Service web site for details.

You will receive a letter under your door from the front desk on the day prior to departure listing the time that you must have your bags outside your room for pick-up and the time for your bus. Don't be late as the bus will not wait and you may wind up being late for your flight. The front desk staff confirms your reservation and flight times directly with your airline.

One of the key words that you should remember throughout your stay at Hedonism is "Respect". Deal with everyone you come into contact with, including staff and other guests, with complete respect, and you will have a wonderful time as it will be returned to you as well. Forget to treat people with respect and your vacation may wind up not being much fun at all.

Enjoy and Chill:
Jamaica moves on a different schedule than we are used to back home. It's a tropical country, it's hot, and things move rather slow. Sometimes it's hard to adjust to the slower pace and sometimes we tend to get a bit frustrated if things don't move as quickly as we'd like. Be patient, especially with the front office staff, bartenders and waiters. They will accede to your request or need, but perhaps just not as quickly as you like. A kind word and a smile go a lot farther in dealing with folks than a snarl or harsh words and shouting. This is your vacation, so DO NOT be in a hurry for anything and remember, you are in Jamaica, and everything is...

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