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                                                                       Annual Trip Report

                                                                  8 to 15 September, 2012


This yearís trip report was written by a recently de-flowered Hedo Virgin. One of the greatest experiences of my life! This is not only a summary of the wonderful time had by all, but an exploration of when you know you are no longer a Hedo Virgin.

We arrived in Montego Bay about mid-day on Saturday. I knew who was arriving on the same flight, so I carefully watched the faces of the other travelers hoping to finally begin meeting our new friends. Months of emails and chats with members of the JWST assured me we would have instant friends, but a trip to Hedo is a huge step beyond my normal limitations and I was still experiencing a few butterflies and thoughts of fleeing to Sandals. While standing in the lines to clear immigrations and customs I saw a couple that looked familiar.   I lost track of them until we got to the Super Clubs lounge desk. As I turned to leave the desk I saw them again. I introduced myself and was immediately hugged like dear old friends. What a wonderful welcome!

We grabbed a couple of Red Stripes for the road and were soon on the bus. The trip was smooth, and after a brief restroom and restocking break we were again on our way. As we pulled onto the property those butterflies were beginning to return. Could I really do this? Could I really get naked in public? As we walked into the lobby we had a warm welcome from the JWST Welcoming Committee with big smiles and fresh drinks. We were handed a new beach bag with the JWST logo, plus welcome letters, schedules, lanyards, personalized name badges and door cards.  After lots of hugs and discussions of dinner and activities we were escorted to our room by the General Manager himself, just steps from the nude pool.

Oh, no, itís time to do it. I have to get naked now, or Iíll never do it. Is this when you lose your Hedo Virginity, when you get naked? I turned to my husband and said honey itís time. Letís get naked. I quickly stripped, grabbed my bag with sunscreen and room for towels, and off we went. A few steps around a corner and there it was Ė the nude pool where almost 90 of our very closest new friends would be spending the week with us.  Since we had our JWST lanyards and name tags we were quickly acknowledged and the introductions, with lots of welcoming hugs, began. Oh, yes, and I almost forgot. We were all naked. It soon felt so normal. Do you know youíve lost your virginity when you begin to feel comfortable naked? No, not yet.

Sundayís theme night was Naughty School Reunion. Several of our members dressed in costume. I have to give everyone credit. Your costumes were awesome. I learned a lot and Iíll be prepared for next year.

Our first JWST activity was a wonderful way to get to know each other. We had numbers on the back of our name tags, and our goal was to find the other 2 to 3 people that had the same number. Soon my group was identified and we received tickets for a prize drawing during our Welcome Party on Monday afternoon.

Our Welcome Party included a Naughty T-Shirt contest. There were several shirts that left me saying ďThatís just not rightĒ as I laughed until it hurt. We also had a few emotional moments. To acknowledge the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks everyone that has served, or is currently serving in our military, was asked to come to the front of the room, and we gave them a heartfelt round of thankful applause. The other moment is when Hedoís General Manager spoke to us. He and his staff provided a wonderful spread of food for our party. As Kevin spoke I think it was interpreted by Hedo veterans and virgins that there is great uncertainty about the future of the resort. We all acknowledge that there are a lot of improvements that are needed, but the comfortable feeling to be yourself and enjoy great friends is really what this wonderful place is all about. As he spoke I looked around at the faces of the Hedo veterans in our group. Everyone was listening closely as there is a fear the resort will change and it will no longer allow the naked laid back feeling that we all love about Hedo.

Another great night of costumes for the Sexy Pirates and Booty. I felt like Captain Jack Sparrow would stroll in at any moment. Some funny, some sexy, all imaginative.

Tuesday we joined another JWST couple for a day trip to the Appleton Rum Distillery and YS Falls to try the zip line. We had a wonderful driver who patiently answered our multiple questions about Jamaica. We were even able to convince him to try the zip line, despite his fear of heights. Fortunately the generous amount of rum we consumed at Appletonís gave us a little extra courage for the zip line. What a blast! The day was very busy, but we managed to make it back with just enough time to quickly shower and dress for our team photo and dinner. The ladies in the group all had beautiful sexy little black dresses. Our tables were set up next to the prude pool, and it was a gorgeous night to dine under the stars. Another great dinner with great people. 

The group held a door decorating contest and one imaginative couple brought a full length white tapestry to cover their door. To make it really interesting they brought it to the nude pool one afternoon, and using body paints, took impressions of strategic body parts from group members to cover the entire tapestry.  They won the contest, by the way.

This was also Pajamas & Pasties night. After dinner many changed into night time wear and we gathered at the Piano Bar for singing and frivolity. Now itís Tuesday, and Iím still not sure if Iíve truly lost my virginity. Itís not as simple as the ďotherĒ type of virginity. Thatís pretty obvious. Losing your Hedo virginity is more subtle, since it is more a feeling than a physical thing. Would it happen tonight? As we were standing at the bar talking to another couple, all of us scantily dressed in our PJís/nighties, the conversation turned to a discussion of the wonderful surgeon she had for her breast enhancement. She proudly lifted the front of her very shear nighty, so we could examine the beauty of her surgery. So, does this experience qualify for losing your Hedo virginity? No, not yet.

Wednesday was the annual Nude Catamaran Cruise. Another wonderful adventure.  The rum punch flowed, and the alcohol infused whipped cream provided many smiles and giggles. The highlight was when one of guys working on the boat suddenly grabbed my hand and said ďcome with meĒ. He guided me up to the front to see the water churning off in the distance. It was a huge pod of Dolphin. He explained this was unusual to see so many together at one time, and we were very fortunate to be here at this time. As we approached I couldnít believe the beautiful sight of about 30 Dolphin, feeding, and playing, and displaying the true beauty of nature. As we turned to go to our next snorkeling spot several of the Dolphin swam with us. I stood at the bow until I lost sight of the last Dolphin. Often the word awesome is over used. But in this case, awesome barely describes this experience.

Upon returning to land several members of our group strolled down the beach to a treat of fresh grilled lobster. Iím sorry I missed out on that one, but a nap was desperately needed. Despite a long wait everyone said the food was fantastic. Note to self, donít miss this next year.

Wednesday nightís theme was Fetish Fantasy, and again, the imaginative costumes were outstanding. Kudos to all.

On Thursday afternoon we had another group event in the Piano Bar. This was our Erotic Gift Exchange. The wonderful couple that hosted this event did a great job. Their questions were imaginative and answers as always, were very interesting and revealing. We loved the gift we received in the exchange, and have already put ours to good use! Despite the sexy conversation and interesting toys, that darn virginity stigma is still hanging around my neck. When will it go away?

Thursday night was our annual Wear Mesh & Glow with the grand march across the stage, around several of the main buildings, and finally on to the disco. We had so much glow material, and most was placed to highlight strategic areas. The members of this group have great imaginations. Kudos to all the interesting uses for glow sticks.

Sadly, we all began to realize our vacations were almost over. Several nights we made a visit to the pool and hot tub late in the evening (often the hot tub was just too darn hot).  A few PDAís were observed during the week, so does observing these interesting displays, or better yet being a participant, mean you are no longer a Hedo virgin? I thought this might be what took my virginity, but no, not yet. When will I know?

Friday we awoke knowing this was our last day. The butterflies I experienced when we arrived had morphed into a sad feeling that our fun was almost over. We would soon be forced to face reality, jobs, housework, kids, and regular life. Yuck! We made our way to the main dining area where we discussed the inevitable eviction notices many of us would soon receive.  As we ate our breakfast I found something to put the smile back on my face. On our notification board was a new note at the bottom Ė the dates for next year. We were less than 365 days before our next week of adventure. I knew it was time to make the most of this last day, to drink all the rum and ginger that I could consume, and have one last day of laughter with our JWST family. Most important, I was going to find out how you know when you are no longer a Hedo virgin.

The afternoon at the pool was the rowdiest yet. The last cans of whipped cream were brought out and everyone became even friendlier. My next big challenge - it was finally time for a massage from the JWST massage team. The kind gentlemen had been patient as I avoided this for several days, but it was time. Would this be the experience that would let me know I was no longer a Hedo Virgin? Well, the massage was very stimulating, and many thanks to the gentlemen on the team. But despite how adventurous this was, I was still a Hedo Virgin. What would it take?

It was time to get dressed for our final dinner. As I stepped into the shower it started to happen, I began to realize I was morphing from a virgin to a veteran. By the time my shower was complete and I prepared to step out it happened. I knew it happened. I was no longer a virgin. I was a veteran. I had experienced many new things that helped lead up to this moment. This was the moment I knew. I knew this because I had conquered the handles for the shower. I now knew the proper direction to turn the handle to get the water from the shower head I intended. I now knew precisely how long to wait for the water to turn from cold to nice and warm, and I finally knew how to turn off the water without getting an unwanted blast of cold water from the shower heads I didnít intend to use. I experienced many new things, met wonderful people, laughed until my face ached, and I conquered the shower. I can proudly say Ė I am no longer a Hedo Virgin. Next step for me - when I step into the lobby on September 7, 2013, I will be an official repeat offender. I canít wait.

Iím counting the days until we are all together again.

Respectfully submitted,

The ďOfficialĒ JWST Historian

Kathy from KS


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