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Annual Trip Report

10 to 17 September 2011



It is always exciting flying into Montego Bay seeing the azure Caribbean waters parallel to the runway.  In and out of the airport in a flash and a quick 75 minute trip to the west coast brings us to beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Negril where our Caribbean home awaits.  We arrive at the resort to a refreshing drink delivered with a greeting by the Jamaican Waterslide Team (JWST) Welcome Committee who also distributed each member’s ‘mystery packets’ with contents including personal JWST backpacks!  (presumably to accommodate the week’s personal persuasions), lanyards, personalized name badges and door cards, and lots of other “goodies”.  But enough about the lobby!


The anticipation of a trip with the JWST becomes reality minutes after losing your clothes and running barefoot into the inviting Caribbean waters to euphoric screams of ‘We’re here! We’re here!’  Yes, we’ve arrived at the 12th Annual JWST meeting at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.  Suddenly, no one cares about anything anymore, throwing caution to the wind, forgetting the recession and all that stuff because from the get go, a concerted effort is made to reenact our fantasies as quickly as legally permitted.  Going naked for a week, only wearing lanyards and name tags, translates into the thought that ‘no one is concerned with who does what for a living!’   Nakedness is such an equalizer, it’s all about partying!  

The group came together naturally as the result of the weekly JWST chat room where (subject to confirming your booking) “newbies” make instant friends. The members came from all walks of life, all ages and from all over the map.   The members-only web site assists first timers in identifying what people look like before actually meeting them with a special Biography page including photos.  (Not sure if everyone submitted up-to-date photos, but that’s another story).It also includes lots of information about the trip and a message board for communicating with the entire group.

Since everyone’s idea of a good time differs, the JWST group seems to fit the bill nicely and everyone enjoyed a good time doing their own thing, whether it be lazing in the nude pool all day, drink-in-hand, engrossed in conversation, or relaxing on a floatie in the ocean while others play volleyball - or play with something else somewhere else!  The goal?  Just have a great time!

One particular afternoon, laughter dominated the proximity of the nude pool as someone drew attention to the fact that a ‘certain’ popular member of the resort staff somehow involuntarily and mysteriously ‘slipped’ into the nude pool fully clothed!  The laughter could be heard as far as Cuba!   Highjinks me-thinks?    Such ‘accidents’ are not unknown with this group.


The week began with a fun Welcome party with a theme of “Naughty T-Shirts” and a fantastic spread of finger foods provided by the resort culinary staff. This year Nancy even put together a large photo collage of the group pictures from each of our previous trips which was presented at the party.  It was fun to look back and remember the hundreds of people who have traveled with this great group since it’s inception at Hedo III.

Throughout the week the Entertainment staff worked their rear ends off for us, keeping us laughing and entertained. They seem to do all the shows now, and it is noticeable that fewer outside acts are coming to the resort. However, the JWST provides its own brand of entertainment - because we can!  There’s our own “Sexy Little Dress in Jamaican Colors” dinner,  the ‘DailyMassage Team quietly engrossed inside the misting pool and the ‘Grand March through the resort wearing our ‘Mesh and Glow outfits’. Cee, our waterslide team captain, kept pace with our daily ‘Nude Waterslide Runs’ in an effort to maintain our JWST world record – which according to him still stands!  Each run ended with a creative ‘splash” or ‘cannonball’ with accompanying screams - earning a solid vote on style by our team of judges and cheerleaders!  No prizes were awarded however………just bragging rights.

The group members held a private and unique “Erotic Gift Auction”  - and let me tell you…… I HAVE NEVER!!  Did we mention the ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’ contest during the nude Catamaran cruise?  Well, it also was a wet experience too.  Actually, the nun seen on seven mile beach was the JWST cross country dancing competition leader: Bill!  This crazy group is decidedly comfortable with each other, as many of the group have known each other for years.  


However, other resort guests quickly found they were not treated like lepers, and were naturally absorbed into the shenanigans with very little effort during the resort events. The JWST is a very outgoing group that could never be accused as being “standoffish or clannish”.  The JWST are a fun group simply having as much relentless naughty fun as anyone can handle without being indicted!  


The JWST members’ penchant for costume creativity is remarkable.  Roger & Polly deserve a special mention since they go WAY overboard every year. They had horses - or camels(curious dangly-legged long nosed beasts they swear will be returning in 2012!)  They brought the roof down with laughter and applause!  They easily won that competition……..whatever it was!  We should mention that as with all incidents involving the aforesaid group, no animals were harmed in the making of the video!   But it doesn’t stop there:  JWST members cleaned house taking FIRST PRIZES for just about every resort event including, PJ Night,  Rock Star Night,  Toga Night, Fetish Night and Futuristic Night!   All winners received a liter of Appleton’s Rum for their efforts.  Hence, the resort was left a tad short of Appleton’s when the incoming group arrived a week later! And, one of our couples even won free nights during the Repeater Party! 


The resort was fairly empty during the week we were there- but that worked to our advantage.  Checking in was a breeze;  the catering staff were on the ball, and the food was up to par; waiting time for drinks was negligible - never out of liquor;  the water sports equipment easily obtained;  towels in abundance, and plenty to eat at the nude pool grill all day with no waiting.  Guess why the JWST meets the week it does?  “No problem” was never a problem…and because of low occupancy, we pretty much had the resort to ourselves.   What’s there to complain about when at any given time of the week all of us had at least six sun loungers each! 


Making reservations for a group feeding at the specialty restaurants was never a problem; the food quality and service was as perfect as anyone could wish for. Herr Joseph, the executive chef (known from his days at H3) is clearly in the driver’s seat and on the ball with his unique personal touch. We appreciated the above- and- beyond efforts of his staff in accommodating our group.  He set up Gala Night in the main dining room as if it were a banquet for royalty, readying generous servings of lobster - and seconds if you had room left.  Overall, the food quality was commendable in terms of variety, selection and presentation. Martino’s excellent atmosphere invites guests to feast on Rib of Lamb & Beef Tenderloin etc. including all the usual fancy gourmet treats available. 

We are regularly reminded by Hedo-regulars that “the resort itself isn’t flashy” and it isn’t, but isn’t going to Hedo more a state of mind?  The JWST gang went to party for a week –and we did, and we’ll party again in 2012 in the style to which we’ve become accustomed.  Yet another successful JWST week was entered into the books, surely as the ‘funnest’ week to date!  There were many good suntanned bodies which is a testament to the weather, but the week passed much too quickly and we eventually were all on the bus home, waving goodbye (in our own unique way) to “Adult Summer Camp”.


There is always September 8-15, 2012 to look forward to.  It can’t come soon enough!


If you’re interested in our 2012 trip, be sure to visit our web site at, and drop Bill and Nancy an email to let them know you’ll be joining us next year.


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