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This section is a collection of brief tips for first time visitors to Hedonism II. The tips are not all inclusive, nor are they intended to be rules you must follow, but they will help you to make the most of your trip.
Passports: You need a passport to go to Jamaica. The law changed in January of 2007 and passports are now required of everyone traveling to the Caribbean. Be sure to apply well in advance of your trip and request "expeditious handling". Check with the Department of State for details by clicking on the link below.
Passport Information
Customs: Incoming duty-free items - 1/2 pound of tobacco, one quart of spirits (including liqueurs, cordials and wine), six fluid ounces of perfumed spirits and twelve fluid ounces of toilet water. Incoming restricted items - Fresh flowers, plants, honey, fruits, meats and vegetables(except canned), coffee (in any form), firearms, explosives, and dangerous drugs, including marijuana.
Outgoing Items: U.S. Visitors may carry US$600 in purchases after each 48 hour visit. Items manufactured in Jamaica(rum, coffee perfume, arts & crafts, etc.)are also duty-free.
U.K. Visitors are allowed 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 1 liter of spirits or strong liqueurs (no one under 17 is entitled to tobacco or drink allowance), all other goods including gifts and souvenirs 36 value.
Canada Residents, temporary residents, and former residents of Canada returning to live in Canada may claim goods free of duties under one of the following exemptions: 7 day absence from Canada $500.00 yearly; 48 hour absence $200.00 any time; 24 hour absence $50.00, not including alcohol or tobacco products. Only one of the above exemptions may be claimed and visitors cannot pool their exemption with other passengers.
U.S. Customs Travel Information
At the airport: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAG UNATTENDED!!!! DO NOT HELP CARRY ANYTHING FOR ANOTHER PERSON!!! Do not forget to tip the porter that carries your luggage to the bus (usually $1.00 per bag) !!
Purchase trip insurance:  Trip insurance is a good investment. There have been lots of cases where medical care was needed, or trips got cancelled and extended by events such as the September 11 disaster, and trip insurance reimbursed the loss. Be sure to check what is and is not covered.
Make contact before you go: By all means, use visitors lists such as the one found at http://www.dennyp.com or at http://www.adulttravelforum.com to contact others who will be at the resort when you will be. That way, you'll already have acquaintances and not have to waste time getting to know people. By joining the Jamaican Waterslide Team you'll meet dozens of people online before you arrive.
Ask questions: The advantage of going with a group like the JWST is that many of the members have lots of experience and are more than willing to help and offer advice. Be sure to pose any questions you may have through our message board or in our Chat Room, and someone will probably have the answer.
Plan to participate:  Check out the schedule of theme nights and bring along some costumes/outfits to participate. They do not have to be elaborate or expensive, but merely fit in with the theme. Most nights in the disco, the dress is very brief or erotic anyway. To evaluate an outfit consider this: If you could wear something to the Mall and get arrested, it's probably too conservative.
Leave your money at home:  You won't need a lot of money. "All-inclusive" means just that. For the most part, there is very little to spend money on, unless you go off-property for a tour or shopping. There are a few items in the gift shop, and credit cards will suffice for that. The resort also allows some vendors to sell items on the beach. Make sure that you bring lots of small bills, as change is sometimes hard to get.
NOTE: If you plan on any major purchases while in Jamaica such as big ticket jewelry items, be sure to let your bank/credit card issuer know that you will be out of the country. Many banks will refuse to approve large purchases on cards used outside the US unless they know you will be in that location. That protects you from credit card fraud. A simple phone call to your bank before you go can save a lot of hassle later on.
Tan before you go: If at all possible, spend a little time at a tanning salon before you go to condition your skin for the tropics. Pay particular attention to those areas that never see the sun. Use lots of waterproof sunscreen so you don't ruin your vacation with sunburn. You're much closer to the sun in Jamaica and you will burn much quicker and much more severely than at home.
Phone Service:  Calling home is expensive. Before you go, sign up with one of the major carriers such as AT&T, Sprint or Verizon for one of their calling cards. The best is the company you normally do business with. If the company operates in Jamaica, you can connect to one of their operators from your room for a $3.00 connection charge and then pay their rate for your call, rather than the Jamaican rate. Pre-paid calling cards from the major carriers also work but are a bit more expensive per unit used. Most cell phone companies now have service in Jamaica and signals at Hedo II are quite strong. Check with your provider to make sure your phone is compatible with Jamaican cell phone protocol and that you are set up for International Roaming. Hint: You must dial "1" in Jamaica before entering the area code on a cell phone.
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