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Getting There
Welcome to Sangster International Airport
Montego Bay, Jamaica
If you'd like to take advantage of VIP treatment that will speed you through Customs and Immigration with a VIP escort, plus spend a few moments getting refreshed in a comfortable lounge before you begin your road journey, be sure to check out CLUB MOBAY (click on the link for info).
Once you are checked in at the transportation desk, they will have a porter take your luggage to the vehicle that will take you to the resort. DO NOT forget to TIP the porter, as he is an independent worker (US $1.00 a bag). Make sure you keep an eye on your carry-on bags that have no checked airline tags on them. If you stop at another resort to drop off others, watch to see that your luggage does not get left at that resort by mistake.

Upon arrival at "Mo Bay". be ready for the heat and humidity that awaits you when you exit the plane. Once you exit the plane, you will proceed down a long series of corridors to the Arrival Hall, and this is where you will go through Jamaican Immigration. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as it could be a long walk. Make sure that you have completed the Immigration and Customs forms given to you on the plane, and be sure to sign the forms on the back.
Depending on your time of arrival, you can get a Red Stripe at the airport for your ride to the resort. You may also have a pit stop on the way to the resort where you can get drinks, and do some early shopping. The bus ride will be at least one hour and maybe even a little more based on traffic and weather.
Upon reaching the Arrival Hall, get in line, and be patient. When you step up to the Jamaican Immigration booth, make sure you have all your paperwork ready, including passport and travel documents. Be friendly and courteous, and you will be out of there before you know it.
                           All US travelers outside the United States are required to have a passport.
After you finish with Immigration, you will be directed to the baggage area to claim your checked baggage. Carts ARE provided. Once you have all your checked baggage, continue to the Customs Inspection desk. Here you will turn in your customs form. Remember that you are in Jamaica, and the customs officer can require you to open your bags and there is no recourse. Keep in mind that you are a visitor to the island of Jamaica. Again, be friendly and courteous. When you exit customs, go down the hallway and locate the transportation desk specified by your travel agents to handle your airport to resort transfer. Check in with them, and they will arrange your transportation to the resort. Do not go with any other taxi driver who offers you a ride.  If you would like to arrange your own private transportation in advance, check out ROCKY'S TAXI AND TOUR SERVICE and book them online.
                 HINT: Never leave your luggage unattended. Never carry anything for another person.

Not everyone likes the bus ride to Hedo II, but you can make it as fun as you want. Ask your driver questions, talk with him and you will find out many interesting things about Jamaica. Ask him to show you points of interest. Jamaica has a long history, and it will help the ride seem shorter. For example ask about the clock in the Town Hall in Lucea. It was orignally built in England and destined for the Island of St Lucia in 1718. Unfortunately it got lost in shipment and wound up in Lucea, Jamaica. Once you get to the resort, it is customary to tip your driver.
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