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Resort Arrival
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When checking in at the front desk, ask to have a hole punched in your key card, so you can attach it to your JWST lanyard. There is a safe in each room opened by a self-entered combination lock. DO NOT FORGET YOUR COMBINATION as it will cost you for the resort staff to open the safe. You will also receive tickets for beach towels. Towels may be obtained and exchanged as often as needed at several convenient locations. DO NOT lose your towel or it will cost you $$ at checkout.
If you plan to use the telephone, purchase Internet time, or make purchases in the Gift Shop, be sure to leave an imprint of your credit card with the Front Desk upon check-in. If you fail to do so, you will have to retrieve your credit card from your room prior to making any of these arrangements.

If you want to make dinner reservations for either of the themed restaurants, they can be made 24 hours in advance at the Guest Services desk in the lobby. Make sure you get the confirmation to remind you of your time and number of seats you asked for.
Soon you will be arriving at Hedonism II from Montego Bay, and will stop at the front entrance. As you enter the lobby, the front desk will be on your left. Check in with the friendly staff to let them know that you have arrived, and fill out the needed paperwork.

 The front desk staff will assist you with all facets of your check-in and get you to your room as quickly as possible.

 Keep in mind that room check-in is 3:00 pm, so your room may not be ready. If that is the case, go out to the main bar, or go to the dining room and relax from your trip. There are restrooms just outside the lobby and the main dining room on your left, so you can change into something more comfortable. Hint.. Pack a bathing suit in your carry on bag.
Do not worry about your luggage, as it is in good hands with the Bellmen. These guys work hard to make sure you get to your room with all your luggage, and they sometimes will take you the long way to your room, so you get a short tour of the resort. Make sure to tell them you are a member of the JWST.

If you are a JWST member and arrive on Saturday, you will be met by our Welcome Committee in the lobby with your favorite requested drink and Welcome Packet.